Atlas Elevators Company was established in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).
We started small and medium-sized projects in record time.

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Atlas Elevators is a company specializing in the supply, sale, installation and maintenance of the highest-quality elevators, hydraulic lifts and escalators, all conforming to Government standards.Established in Gujarat in 2002, the company now has four branches in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. Expanding our regional presence, we now also operate in all over India.

To achieve the utmost customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and providing the best solutions in the field of installation of elevators in addition to service after the sale, in accordance with the international quality standards and practices in the field of elevators. 

Lead in the field of elevators in accordance with the latest World regulations and techniques.


All Types of elevators without Machine room (Roomless)

One of the most important features of roomless elevators is that it does not need an engine room, each with special specifications in terms of the design of the cab and the wonderful performance, where the company provides atlas elevators to its customers the most important products and international brands and provide maintenance service to it, the most important.

Hospital elevators

This type of elevators are some what different from the rest of the elevators, due to the basic design and large size and large area that can accommodate more than 30 people, and is also called clinical elevators due to the possibility of containing the mobile bed inside them, hospitals require movement of beds most often, in addition to the design includes more than one entrance and this is a unique feature in the different types of elevators and specifications of hospitals.

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Elevators complexes and towers

These elevators carry great importance in terms of comfort and are installed in high-speed complexes and towers, and are installed in high-rise buildings.

Cargo elevators

These elevators are characterized by being used in the loading and transportation of goods and goods and other heavy weight and large size, mostly in commercial buildings, stores and the like, as well as characterized by smooth movement and high degree of safety, and works according to different systems including hydraulic system and other type electric, where these elevators are unique to the availability of different types and forms, including the presence of automatic doors and without doors.

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